Karlygash Rahimova
Brand-manager in Central Asia and Caucasus
Coca-Cola CIS Services Ltd

Center of business information, social and marketing research “BISAM Central Asia” is the one of the oldest partners of Coca-Cola. Over the years BISAM conducted consumers monitoring for Coca-Cola. In 2003-2004 BISAM implemented for Coca-Cola unique research project Deep-Dive in the context of which were examined consumers’ values, made analysis of subcultures and developed useful recommendation on branding. The research results played significant role the strategy of Coca-Cola in the Kazakhstani market. Based on research results by me and president of BISAM Central Asia was prepared the report for ESOMAR Congress in London.

Research Centre BISAM distinguishes absolute professionalism, high creative potential, clarity of the interaction of all parts of the research staff. BISAM specialists know very well all modern research tools and along with that offer interesting and original research methodology. Company is focused on long-term cooperation with clients and try to as much as possible to take into account their interests and wishes. With the full responsibility I recommend BISAM as a research organization which have reached the highest international standards”.


Erbol Suleymenov
General Director
National Centre of Technical Information

I have the honor to recommend Centre of Business Information, Social and Marketing Research «BISAM Central Asia» as a highly professional organization, capable to conduct social study of complex social problems at the level of modern standards and with the use of advanced research technologies. In 2005-2006 BISAM conducted by request of the National Technical Centre the complex social research “Status and Problems of Kazakhstan science: view from inside”. According to the special sample were interviewed more then 700 scientists, representing various sectors of the science. At the same time were conducted expert interviews with the most prominent representatives of the science. The results were reflected in the analytical report submitted to the Ministry of Science and Education. It was published in a special booklet “Science in the eyes of scientist” widely discussed and received positive response in the circles of the scientific community. We are confident that cooperation with BISAM will be useful for any organizations.


T. Fedotova
Director of Marketing Department

«In 2004 Center of Business Information, Social and Marketing Research “BISAM Central Asia” has conducted for “Kazkommertzbank” complex research of real estate market. In the performance of work on this project using the modern methods of conducting quantities and qualitative research BISAM collected and analyzed a variety of secondary and primary information on the based of which was prepared a detailed analytical report on a real estate market in Kazakhstan. The study materials have been successfully used in Kazkommertzbank practice. Marketing Department recommend «BISAM Central Asia» as a research organization of high professional level.


Serik Amirov
Marketing Director of Sumsung Electronics
Representative office in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

During several years we systematically use BISAM services for market situation assessment and monitoring, for development and adaptation of marketing, advertising and PR campaigns. Peculiarities of BISAM research are application for interesting and effective methods and professional performance.


Dauren Tuleev
Marketing Director of Interfood Companies Group

The logo of BISAM Central Asia is "Reliable information. Professional Research". It is not easy to meet a company whose logo would reflect the level and distinguished features of its activities so well.

Indeed, one of BISAM Central Asia's characteristics is a high professionalism. Without extensively using a modern terminology the company's specialists try to make the research work as clear as possible for the Client explaining all its sides and aspects. The thing we like most of all is that the reply for the research inquiry is never limited with standard proposals. Each project is considered as the unique one. They scrupulously work with their clients, determine research problems and suggest various and frequently non-standardized variants of methodological decisions. Here I would like to underline the attitude of BISAM Central Asia to its clients. The major conception of BISAM is their aspiration to conduct a regular monitoring marketing problems with its clients and to diagnosis their problems at the very beginning. Analytical reports with research results, which are presented by BISAM Central Asia contain accurate and useful recommendations for elaborating and correcting marketing strategies.

Here there may appear a reasonable question: "And what about the reliable information?" I can assure you that BISAM Central Asia does not have any problems with that. The company has strict rules regarding a special attention to the quality of fieldwork, its constituents, respondents' selection, interviewers training, fieldwork organization and control, etc. An important distinction of BISAM is comparison of highly qualified and a critical analysis of different information resources, secondary and primary marketing information.

We had an experience of using various research services of BISAM such as surveys, focus groups, desk research and advertising tests. Therefore, I can surely say that we will continue working with this company having it as a reliable and professional partner.

We are glad to have this opportunity to congratulate BISAM and Leonid Gurevich with its 5th anniversary and to wish it success, stability, so that the company would continue holding the highest standards of research quality and contributing to the society, market and consumers.


Raushan Mirindjanashvili
Marketing Department Manager of GSM Kazakhstan

GSM Kazakhstan addressed Center of Business Information, Social and Marketing Research BISAM Central Asia for conducting studies on the cell phones market several times. The studies that are conducted professionally and with a high quality help us to make strategic decisions for developing an effective and flexible marketing policy on the market.

We plan to continue our cooperation with BISAM in the future and hope that this company will keep being oriented to the high standards with use of innovative analytical methods adapted to the market conditions of Kazakhstan.


Raushan Sarsembayeva
President of the Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan,
Economic Sciences Candidate

Our cooperation with BISAM Central Asia is diversified. First, this company conducted a comprehensive research on small- and medium-scale businesses, particularly regarding women entrepreneurship. The research results were discussed with a great interest on seminars and conferences organized by our association and were used as a basis of some of our practical activities.

Second, we recommend businessmen to address BISAM Central Asia and these recommendations are always justified.

The directors and specialists of BISAM Central Asia not only conduct research, but also try to do everything to support local businesses.

Finally, BISAM is one of few companies where women have leading positions. Maybe this fact determines its success.


Sara Esimzhanova,
Senior Lecturer of "Marketing" Department,
The Kazakh University of Economy after T. Riskulov,
Economic Sciences Candidate

Working on my Doctorate Dissertation I studied the experience and opportunities of Kazakhstani research companies in details. I can certainly say that BISAM Central Asia is one of the leading companies regarding methodologies and organization of marketing studies. Analytical reports, which they prepare, are real scientific works even though completed, as it is necessary in modern marketing studies, within very short periods of time.

BISAM is distinguished due to a skillful combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Both qualitative and quantitative information, which is used by the company in comprehensive studies, is mutually comprehensive.

BISAM is not trying to be fashionable, nor the loud one. However, the company contributed a lot to the Kazakhstani research practice in both the methodological and organizational ways. The level of marketing research in Kazakhstan has considerably imptoved thanks to this company. I just do not understand why BISAM does not organize seminars and trainings for marketing specialists. I am sure there is a need in them.