Our mission and principals


We provide marketing and social research that help business strategy development and resolution of important social issues. Being organizationally incorporated into the International research community, we adhere to high professional standards. Our research and information promote competitive power of local businesses and inflow of foreign investment. Thus, we contribute into development of democratic and thriving Kazakhstan, taking its well-deserved place within the global economy.




  • Professional research is essential, affordable and helpful at all stages of business processes
  • Being able to come up with the research project options meeting the purposes and financial possibilities of the client.
  • Spendings on research should be company’s profitable investments, rather than forced expenses;
  • Professional research should be combined with effective methodology, clear conclusions and tangible results;
  • Orientation toward high international standards (BISAM Central Asia is the 1st company in Central Asia represented in ESOMAR)
  • Particular attention to the quality of the field work;
  • Providing the Client with end research product with detailed recommendations based on profound analysis