Market research company in Kazakhstan

The company was founded by a group of experienced Kazakhstani researchers and Turkish marketing research agency Bilesim International in February 1997. Up till September 2001 BISAM was a Joint Enterprise called BILESIM International Kazakhstan.

In September 2001 the company became independent and was renamed into BISAM Central Asia. From that moment on BISAM has been a fully independent in both financial and organizational terms. The company’s founders represented by its staff employees only.

Developing in a new status BISAM significantly widened the scope of its expertise, diversified the profile of services, mastered all the major types and directions of marketing and sociological research, and developed original research techniques.

Since 2004 BISAM has been focusing more and more on the research directions typical of socio-economic development of Kazakhstan and trends of global research industry.

By late 2004 BISAM started a specialized Agency on the Research and Development for PR and Advertising

In 2007 BISAM developed an original technique of the retail banking services monitoring

BISAM pays special attention to the development of original techniques of qualitative research essential for strategic tasks at key stages of a company development, industries and markets.

In 2008 BISAM development the method of complex banking research.

One of the most important directions in our activity is the development and application of a complex of systematic research support of investment projects.

BISAM is the first marketing research company of Kazakhstan and Central Asia represented in ESOMAR. BISAM President Dr. Leonid Gurevich has been ESOMAR member since 1994.

In 2006 BISAM became the first company of с Kazakhstan and Central Asia that delivered a report at the ESOMAR Congress in London. Leonid Gurevich and Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers Brand Manager Ms. Karlygash Rakhimova presented the report on the Development of an International Company Brand in Kazakhstan. The report was based on the findings of a comprehensive marketing research implemented by an original methodology of BISAM.

Our research team undertook SPSS training in the frameworks of KAPIO programme.

BISAM was the first Kazakhstani company that arranged the Elevation Learning in-office training “Key Skills in Consulting” for its employees.